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  1. Observing and Modeling Downslope-Windstorm-Type Flow in a Small-Scale Crater Induced by Larger-Scale Katabatic Winds

    Description: Supplementary material for a research paper submitted to the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. An animated gif and a readme file.
    Keyword: basin, Meteor Crater, potential temperature profile, METCRAX , hydralic jump, IOP7, katabatic flow, weather, flow, animination, and cold intrusions
    Creator: Kalthoff, N, Lehner, M., Haiden, T., Adler, B. , Whiteman, C. David, and Hoch, S. W.
    Owner: C Whiteman
    Publisher: The Hive: University of Utah Data Repository
    Location: Meteor Crater, Arizona
    Date Uploaded: 10/10/2017
    Date Modified: 10/25/2018
    Date Created: October 10, 2017
    Rights: Public Domain – This data is free of copyright restrictions (e.g. government sponsored data).
    Resource Type: Image
    Contact Email:
    Funders: National Science Foundation