University of Utah Research Data Repository

About The Hive

Researchers choose to share their data for a variety of reasons. Some share data in order to meet funding agency or journal requirements. Others want a safe and easily accessible place to store their data for future access. Some researchers share data in the hopes that their data can eventually lead to further discovery, to make their research more transparent, or even for classroom instruction. For whatever reason you are sharing your data, the Hive can help.

The Hive is a publicly-accessible repository for research data generated by University of Utah researchers, students, and staff. Our data librarians will work with you to ensure that your data is preserved and accessible well into the future.

Why deposit your data into The Hive?

Talk to us to determine whether The Hive is the best place for your data. Some of the reasons you may want to deposit your data include:

  1. Greater visibility of your research – By publishing your data in The Hive, others can use and cite your data in the same way they would cite your publications.
  2. Meet funding agency and journal requirements – many funding agencies (like the National Science Foundation) and journals (like Nature and PLOS) require researchers to share their data. Include The Hive into your data management plan (DMP) to make your grant application more competitive!
  3. Get credit for your work - Every dataset deposited to the Hive gets a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and suggested data citation, making it easier for others to use and cite your data or to link your data to your publications.
  4. Fulfill University requirements – the University of Utah requires researchers to preserve their data for at least three years after the end of a project. The Hive will make sure your data is safely archived for a minimum of ten years.
  5. Local Assistance – University of Utah data librarians can meet with you to prepare your data for deposit into The Hive. Contact us to set up a consultation.
  6. It’s Free – there is no charge to deposit data into The Hive in most cases.

Content Policy

Requirements for depositing data into The Hive

  • Data must be created by University of Utah students, faculty, or staff. If your data was created by investigators at multiple institutions, the University of Utah affiliated researcher must facilitate the deposit and sign the deposit agreement.
  • Data must be made publicly available no later than one year after deposit. Depositors can choose to make their data immediately available or to embargo their data for up to one year.
  • The data must not contain any private, confidential or sensitive information.
  • The data must not exceed 500 GB. Data may be in multiple files but must all be related to the same research project.
  • The data must include adequate documentation to facilitate reuse and discovery.

For more information about depositing data to The Hive, please visit our FAQs!

How to Submit

  1. Work with a research data librarian to determine if The Hive is the best place to store and share your data.
  2. Prepare your data for archiving.
  3. Go to to upload your data files and metadata (descriptive information about your data that others can use to find and understand your data).
  4. Work with a research data librarian to ensure that your data submission is complete.