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  1. Data for Almishaal et al. “Reactive Oxygen Species and Hearing Loss in Murine CMV Labyrinthitis" 2019

    Description: The data set includes individual images of mouse cochleae, both scanning electron micrographs and fluorescent micrographs, used to generate aggregated data described in Ali A. Almishaal; Phayvanh P. Sjogren; Pranav D. Mathur; Elaine Hillas;Taelor Johnson; Melissa S. Price; Travis Haller; Jun Yang; Namakkal S. Rajasekaran; Matthew A. Firpo; Albert H. Park (2018) "Reactive Oxygen Species and Hearing Loss in Murine CMV Labyrinthitis".
    Keyword: congenital CMV, distortion-product otoacoustic emissions, herpesviridae, antioxidant, cochlea, outer hair cells, cytomegalovirus, hearing loss, reactive oxygen species, auditory brainstem response, and mouse
    Creator: Firpo, Matthew A.
    Owner: Matthew Firpo
    Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
    Date Uploaded: 05/23/2018
    Date Modified: 01/08/2019
    Date Created: 04082015-11022016
    Rights: CC BY NC - Allows others to use and share your data non-commercially and with attribution.
    Resource Type: Dataset
    Contact Email:
    Funders: NIH EY014800, NIH EY020853, Triological Society Career Development Award, and Research to Prevent Blindness Fund