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  1. SAS Code to Calculate GPQI-2016 Total and Component Scores

    Description: This SAS program can be used to calculate Grocery Purchase Quality Index-2016 (GPQI-2016) total and component scores from food purchase data (dollars and cents) that have been summarized into the 29 categories of the USDA Food Plans. The code can be adapted to calculate GPQI-2016 scores for data that use a smaller number of categories.
    Keyword: nutrition informatics, Healthy Eating Index, grocery shopping, nutrition, grocery quality, food expenditures, and USDA
    Creator: Guenther, Patricia M, Hurdle, John F, and Brewster, Philip J
    Contributor: Tran, Lethuy and Chidambaram, Valli
    Owner: John Hurdle
    Location: University of Utah
    Date Uploaded: 06/07/2018
    Date Modified: 06/07/2018
    Date Created: 2018
    Rights: CC BY NC - Allows others to use and share your data non-commercially and with attribution.
    Resource Type: Software or Program Code
    Identifier: 10.7278/S5HD7ST1
    Contact Email:
    Funders: USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Award No. 2015-67001-24290, Multi-Disciplinary Methods for Effective, Sustainable, and Scalable Evaluations of Nutrition Education Programs and National Library of Medicine training grant (T15-LM007124)