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  1. Pharmacokinetics of Locally Delivered Vancomycin to Bone

    Description: Current treatments for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections require intravenously delivered vancomycin; however, systemically delivered vancomycin has its problems. To determine the feasibility and safety of locally delivering vancomycin hydrochloride (~25 mg/Kg) to the medullary canal of long bones, we conducted a pharmacokinetics study using a rat tibia model. We found that administering the vancomycin intraosseously resulted in very low concentrations of vancomycin in the blood plasma and the muscle surrounding the tibia, reducing the risk for systemic toxicity, which is often seen with traditional intravenous administration of vancomycin. Additionally, we were able to inhibit the development of osteomyelitis in the tibia if the treatment was administered locally at the same time as a bacterial inoculum (i.e., Log10 7.82 CFU/mL or 6.62x107 CFU/mL), when compared to an untreated group. These findings suggest that local intramedullary vancomycin delivery can achieve sufficiently high local concentrations to prevent development of osteomyelitis while minimizing systemic toxicity.
    Keyword: antibiotics, pharmacokinetics, bone, and infections
    Subject: Infectious Diseases
    Creator: Loc-Carrillo, Catherine
    Contributor: Burr, Michael, Wu, Sijia, Churchill, John, Wang, Caroline, Hoerger, Kelly, Canden, Ahranee, Agarwal, Jay, Fernandez, Sheena, and Fredricksen, Hunter
    Owner: Catherine Loc Carrillo
    Publisher: The Hive: University of Utah Data Repository
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 08/17/2017
    Date Modified: 08/07/2018
    Date Created: 20130501 - 20150130
    Rights: CC BY NC - Allows others to use and share your data non-commercially and with attribution.
    Resource Type: Dataset
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    Funders: University of Utah Research Foundation